Coming up in 2023

Concerts with the
Anouar Brahem Quartet
 - 2023 - 
14 March - Boulogne-Billancourt / France
3 April - Basel / Switzerland
4 April - Geneva / Switzerland
5 April - Zurich / Switzerland
11 April - Alès / France
and more to come...

13th of April 2023
Klaus Gesing Solo 
@ Show of Hands Festival - Istanbul / Turkey

organised by Hermes Records & A.K. Müzik

Wed 12 April
Anja Lechner - cello / Germany
Nik Bärtsch - piano /Switzerland
Thu 13 April
Klaus Gesing - bass clarinet; soprano saxophone/ Germany
Wolfert Brederode - piano / Netherlands

Fri April 14
Björn Meyer - bass / Switzerland
Magyar Younesi - piano / Iran
Sat April 15
Tamer Temel - saxophones / Turkey
Stefano Battaglia - piano / Italy

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Concert Gallery
Music for Voice and Big Band
in Latvia

20 November 2022
Klaus Gesing | Ana Pilat | Latvian Radio Big Band

click here for the Gallery with concert photographs by Pauls Zvibulis

photo © Pauls Zvirbulis

Film Music for Swiss Documentary - Premiere January 2023

Bratsch - A village goes to school

A Film by Norbert Wiedmer

Original Bratsch - Poster designed by Stephan Bundi @

The new film music project that I have the honour and the great pleasure  to be involved in is a collaboration with the Swiss Film and Documentary director Norbert Wiedmer. 
It is a long term documentary (2016 - 2022) that has followed the start of an alternative school concept in 2016 until the first generation of students are now leaving the school, to attend further education or enter a professional career. The new school already managed to revitalise a village in a remote Swiss mountain area and attracts a great number of new pupils every year. It created a name for itself, and offers an alternative to the schools run by the state.
The film will be shown at festivals, in cinemas and television starting in early 2023. 


The cinema premiere of Bratsch-A village goes to school
will take place at
Kino Rex Bern
> Website of Kino Rex Bern
the documentary will also be screened in the course of the Solothurner Filmtage / Switzerland which takes place from the 18th until 25th of January 2023.
> Website of the Festival
Norbert Wiedmer - documentary film-maker
>Website of Norbert Wiedmer (Biograph Film)

Norbert Wiedmer @
Klaus Gesing @

Klaus Gesing - reaLTime

Straight from the archives

Here is a nice track from a solo performance that took place at the Festival Jazz & Wine of Peace 2013, at the Tenuta Villanova, in Farra d’Isonzo/Italy.
Thanks to the marvelous equipe of Controtempo for sharing this video:

Click here to watch the Video directly on Youtube

Click here to visit the website of Controtempo

New Release

 - In Oblivion - 

Homayoun Shajarian - voice
Carlo Niederhauser - cello
Klaus Gesing - bass clarinet; soprano saxophone
Björn Meyer - 6 string electric bass
Fredrik Gille - percussion
Fardin Khalatbari - composition

Straight from the archives:

Klaus Gesing


Gwilym Simcock - piano
Yuri Goloubev - bass
Asaf Sirkis - drums

Live at Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2006

Filmed by Reinhard Brunner (ATS-Records) 
Sound by ORF (Austrian National Radio)
Video by Dieter Rodemund

A Lament for Existence

This is an Initiative of Iranian Kamanche Player Hesam Inanlou. I am honoured to be part of this, for it marks the very first time that I played together with Kamanche in my life - and it happened over a distance of approximately 4700km. 
Hesame released a whole series of videos where he plays in Duo with esteemed colleagues  - and he called this series a Lament for Existence. 

Ö1 Kunstsonntag Radiosession / Austrian cultural radio

It was a great opportunity to create, record and broadcast this solo performance during the Corona Lockdown on this well-known Austrian radio station. It is a mix of fully improvised tunes and solo recordings of some of my tunes that have previously been recorded with different groups.
klaus_gesing 28-2
Listen to the entire program and see some additional pictures on Youtube. Thanks to Dieter Rodemund for the video and the embellishment with pictures.
On soundcloud you can listen to the music only, without interviews and announcements. 

Show of Hands Festival 2019


It was a feast for music, musicians and music lovers. 
The 3rd edition of the Show of Hands Festival in Teheran focused on wind instrument solo concerts and is the only festival in the world that ever did so. 
Markus Stockhausen, Yuri Honing, Sha, Anders Hagberg, David Prez, Soheil Peyghambari, Adam Pieronczyk, Francesco Cafiso, Hakon Kornstad, Simon Wyrsch, Mona Matbou Riahi and Klaus Gesing were the musicians invited for this year’s edition. 6 days of incredibly colourful improvisations in front of an fantastically enthusiastic audience. 


Follow this link to see more images of the 2019 Edition of the Show of Hands Festival

reaLTime live on RAI 


Listen to Klaus Gesing -
reaLTime at the Riverberi Radio Program.

Descansado_Coversom_cd coverKG_HeartluggagereaLTime%20ArtworkDistancesamiira promo-front

Impro - the most recent ideas that happened to finish on tape:

Old News

Back at Multiphonics Festival Cologne

Last year Klaus Gesing has performed at the Multiphonics Festival in Cologne with the Anouar Brahem Quartet and as a Soloist with his program reaLTime. 
This year he will be playing 2 concerts with the Trio
Winstone | Gesing | Venier and as special guest Cellist Nathan Bontrager. 
Concerts will be in the Jazzschmiede Düsseldorf on 5th of October and Stadtgarten Köln on 6th of October. 

He will also be holding a workshop about breathing technique and posture on the 7th of October in the Stadtgarten in Cologne. 

See the Festival Program here...

reaLTime - Usina del Arte 

It was a great experience to play in this fabuluous chamber hall in Buenos Aires. 
Upon invitation of Adrián Iaies, director of the Buenos Aires Jazz Festival, I played my program reaLTime, this time with special guest José Saluzzi. 
The public was very warm, attentive and receptive.
Together with the great crew of the festival, the acoustics of the room and the great PA, as well as the guitar playing of José Saluzzi, it added up to a very nice late afternoon concert experience.  


Klaus Gesing 
International Jazz Day 2019 

I am very happy to have been invited to celebrate the International Jazz Day 2019 in Liezen /Austria.
The event will feature two solo concerts and premiere: 
Pianist John Wolf Brennan will play the first concert. 
Then I will happily loop away using elements of my two CDs "reaLTime" and "sound of mind" -  and we will conclude the concert with a brief musical encounter in Duo. 

On Air:  reaLTime @ Riverberi - RAI 

Listen to the broadcast of a very special project, upon invitation of Piero Pieri at the RAI Triest/Italy. 
I spent a day at the beautifully sounding studios of the the RAI in Triest, to record for the program Riverberi, by Piero Pieri. 

Click here to go to the RAI-Riverberi-Website


Klaus Gesing is a Yanagisawa artist.