Music for Film


The new film music project that I have the honour and the great pleasure  to be involved in is a collaboration with the Swiss Film and Documentary director Norbert Wiedmer. 
It is a long term documentary (2016 - 2022) that has followed the start of an alternative school concept in 2016 until the first generation of students are now leaving the school, to attend further education or enter a professional career. The new school already managed to revitalise a village in a remote Swiss mountain area and attracts a great number of new pupils every year. It created a name for itself, and offers an alternative to the schools run by the state.
The film will be shown at festivals, in cinemas and television starting in early 2023. 



Dokfilm 78 min
Regie: Sonja Mühlemann
Kamera: Patrick Bürge,
Schnitt: Katharina Bhend 
Musik: Klaus Gesing, Christian Brantschen
Ton: Balthasar Jucker, Olivier JeanRichard, Simon Graf
Produktion: Biographfilm, Verleih: Drehmoment, Raff Fluri
Auswertung: Kinos in Bern, Burgdorf und Lyss,

Das Leben vor dem Tod

Buch & Regie: Gregor Frei
Produktion: hiddenframe GmbH
Schnitt: Stephan Heiniger, Katharina Bhend
Kamera: Goffredo Frei, Simon Guy Fässler, Gregor Frei, Aladin Hasic
Musik: Klaus Gesing, Marco Zappa
Mit: Armin Gloor, Goffredo Frei, Gregor Frei, Filippo Togni