Open letter to South Korean festival organiser Hitch Kim

Open letter to the musicians’ community and to Hitch Kim

We have STILL not been paid for our concert in the Seoul European Jazz Festival in September 2016 organised by Hitch Kim

Dear Hitch Kim,

We hope that the 2017 edition of the Seoul European Jazz Festival was a success – for the musicians, the public, and also for you.

We, Norma Winstone, Glauco Venier and Klaus Gesing (from whose Facebook account this message is being posted) have already once used the Facebook platform to inform the public about the sad fact, that contrary to many written assurances from your side, we had not been paid for our concert at the 2016 edition of your festival.

Our action was a success, in the sense that you made contact again, promising quick payment and asking us to refrain from further Facebook postings.
After many emails and reminders from our side, which remained unanswered, it finally was the threat of public embarrassment that made you react.

You then confirmed to us by email, that you would pay the concert fee plus the travel costs by the 13th of OCTOBER 2017.

You chose the deadline, and we agreed to it.

But STILL no payment has arrived.

In the meantime we have had confirmation that other musicians that had participated in the 2016 edition of your festival were paid immediately after their performance.

We therefore have decided to use every means at our disposal to finally make you respect the musicians that you invited to play, but obviously do not intend to pay.

One of these means is to go public on every platform available, in order to inform the musicians’ community of your disrespect towards some of us, and to warn them not to enter in any business relationship with you, as your word cannot be trusted.


Norma Winstone

Glauco Venier

Klaus Gesing

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