Title: Amiira
Group: Klaus Gesing / Bjorn Meyer / Samuel Rohrer

Personnel: Klaus Gesing / Bjorn Meyer / Samuel Rohrer

Year of Publication: 2016


Songs without words, evocative and emotional

In this music a unique sound structure grows from within itself, layer by layer, and involves and enchants the listener.
It is broadly emotional and without mystique or pretension.
How else could these delicate dialogues develop such force and magic?
The inner logic of the trio’s interaction is compelling for it neither strives for attention nor
takes the listener unawares.
It grows and spreads coherently like a natural organism.
Mellow, mild and sensitive, it has a flow that is both integral and detailed.
Melancholy and introspection are the starting point of their sound canvases, which they then
rhythmically charge, enrich and intensify.
This is as spirited as it is sensitive.
It thus results in its light, yet compact power and its songlike quality.

© Ulrich Steinmetzger

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